Sunday, May 07, 2017

The weather has cooled back down.  There really is no win.  I find myself either saying "it's too cold for me to..." or "it's too warm for me to...".  This weekend however I have crossed a few things off.  I was up and moving pretty early yesterday to get grocery shopping done, anticipating my Favorite Egg visiting.  He ended up with something else going on, so he came later, but that bought me time for a nap.  After he came my grocery purchases forced my hand and got me out on the deck to scrub the grill.

The past two summers I've thought there was something wrong with the grill as often it would not come up to temp and would only get to around 250 degrees, obviously not good for grilling out. I had recently started searching expecting to be directed to a replacement part only to learn that I am probably causing the grill to go into bypass mode because I would turn things on too quickly!  After we cleaned her up we turned her on in the way directed on the one website and boom we had ample heat!  It is out on the deck, so I did have to pull it away from the railing and put a drip protector (yay Amazon) under the whole thing.

Today I was up again early to get to church.  I didn't make it up and moving early enough last weekend so I simply had to go this week.  I sure wanted another nap today, but instead I headed to a LuLaRoe open house here in my neighborhood by a consultant I've been following and snagged a couple more items.  I had also placed an order with Zulily this morning as I've been hunting for maxi dresses that are simple/solid colors to use for a photo shoot in July.

New furniture I ordered for the rugrat room comes on Tuesday, so I needed to do some work up there.  I moved the existing dresser into the closet, reorganized some more, vaccuumed, put together the changing topper for the dresser (again yay Amazon), and started another load of laundry for linens etc.  We don't have the mattress yet, but I can fake it and make it look a little more put together in time for my Favorite Egg's Mom to come in two weeks to help me get a wall painted.

I'm not done. I'm going to head to the basement next.  I really need to move some stuff around and do some reorganizing there so it doesn't feel so crowded thanks to all of the rugrat stuff and boxes of wine I brought back earlier this week.  Wish me luck!

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