Monday, April 03, 2017

I wasn't super productive this past weekend, but my Favorite Egg and I got to spend lots of quality time, so that was a nice trade off.  Saturday was pretty busy starting of waaaay too early.  We headed to a baby class for the morning, for a quick lunch, and then to a consignment sale.  After a little bit of time at home we needed to run to Big Lots to stock up since the 20% off deal was going on.  On the way there we had a pretty darn close call thanks to some idiot who came barreling down a side road and straight out into traffic in front of us (completely ignoring his stop sign).  Everything had gone into slow motion and I can't believe my Favorite Egg got stopped instead of clobbered.  Someone was definitely watching over us.

Last night we walked the girls down to try the local frozen custard joint - Turtle Twist.  It isn't the Meadows but it's pretty nice and I love that it's a relatively short walk.  Saffy knew immediately what type of place she was at and was trying to jump at the counter to place her order.

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