Monday, June 05, 2017

I've been trying to create a pattern of getting out on the back deck (under my lovely roof with this rain) and doing some reading as opposed to sitting in front of the tv.  I haven't been super comfortable sitting on the couch lately anyhow.  I did go sit in the lazboy one night too - still so excited to have that here.

I didn't get back to Jtown for Polkafest as I would have liked this past weekend, but it's okay.  I did at least buckle down and get a few things off of my to do list here like cleaning the inside of the car (so much dog fur) and moving the seat protector/blockade back another row.  The immediate need was before I go to pick up my sister and niece at the airport later this week, but clearly, this needed done so I can ready for a car seat too.  I don't know that I'll be able to get Saffy to not try and push past the back seat and jump through, but I gotta figure that out.

My reward on Saturday was then going out for dinner with my Favorite Egg.  He headed my way later in the day on Sunday and we feasted here once again.  Tonight I am desiring a little nap on the couch, or maybe lazboy as I didn't sleep super well last night.  The next few weeks look so packed on my calendar, so I refuse to feel guilty for indulging this desire.

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