Friday, March 17, 2017

Well, I met one neighbor.  I headed out to meet the mailman as I knew he had a package - I figured I'd save him a walk to my door.  Well, he also had several packages for next door.  When she answered her little dog scooted out the front door and towards me.  So at least one introduction is done now.

I had a Safyre in my bed again last night.  Around 2am she put her feet up on the side of the bed and wouldn't take a "go back to bed" for an answer, she jumped up anyhow... and she wasn't content to lay where she normally does in bed at my side, instead she climbed down between my legs like she does on the couch.  Goofy dog.  I didn't hear any thunder or anything, so who knows what was up.

Today I've pleased her greatly by shifting the two plants that were in front of the entry window - one off to each side just enough that she can get in there and gawk out the window.  While I was out getting the mail I can't even tell you how cute that is.

I also need to report on my first experience with StitchFix.  I'm cheap.  That's clearly a problem.  I had marked everything they offered to indicate I didn't want expensive items.  Then again, I also noted certain likes/desires and dislikes that they seemed to disregard in their selections.  One item was a $48 tank top that is made to be skin tight (I noted in both their canned selections and in my text notes that I did not want skin tight tops).  Hells no.  Another was a wrap sweater that was cut way too low - it wasn't awful, but it wasn't the summer clothes I was asking for.  Another was a long shrug type sweater in black - loved it, but I already have quite a few of those and I'm not going into the office anymore.  There was a pair of jeans that were silky smooth and so comfortable, but I knew before I tried them it wasn't happening at $78.  Nope, I wouldn't normally spend that much on a pair of jeans, but especially not now.  Final item I really debated keeping.  It was a long sleeve but lighter weight shirt with a very attractive print.  Ultimately it was the fact that the upper arms were a little snug coupled with the long sleeves and the $48 price tag that had it go back in the bag - for $30, sure, but not nearly $50.  I'm going to invest in sheets I can cut holes in the top of to put my head through.

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