Thursday, March 16, 2017

I have not heard the owl again since my post regarding his presence, so perhaps he was just moving through, but this morning I heard and saw a woodpecker!  I've heard them before back in Jtown but I never managed to spot one.  He was in a tree two houses down the street from me.  This of course was too far to get a good look and make any attempt at identification, but it was neat to see him smacking that little face in rhythm.

I've started my hunt for a kennel in the area thanks to training for work (sigh).  So I need to call two places soon and go check out their facilities.  I still need to find an electrician and get a few other contractors here or responding on estimates.  It really seems like the same issues from Jtown are pervasive here as well.

The girls are settling back in with my sister and niece gone.  Danika was definitely sad yesterday.  My Favorite Egg came over last evening and kept me from noting the emptiness of the house.  I'm working diligently on leftovers - mmm Mom's recipe ham pot pie!  But I'm also looking forward to trying another local fish fry tomorrow.

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