Sunday, February 26, 2017

This morning I headed out in the flurries (nothing laying here though) to try out my first Methodist Church in the area.  Technically I guess this is my second one in the area, but West Washington, where I've gone a few times before is a bit further from my purchased home.  Today I was checking out Trinity in McMurray.  They have the larger congregation of the UMCs in the area at around 170 members.  The greeter was prompt to recognize me as new and gave me some basics, people were friendly enough, the message was nice... but I gotta admit the music wasn't my favorite.  The early service here is their more modern music, but even that was a little off from what I expected.

I'll probably check out the Houston UMC and/or First UMC of Cburg next week even though they only have one blended/traditional service and it's even earlier in the morning.

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