Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The rains and wind rolled in again in the middle of the night.  If Saffy hadn't woken me wanting to come up and hide under the covers I'm sure the thunder that soon followed would have.  This also means the house was a creaking away.  It's really not what you'd expect in a newer house.  So I didn't sleep great for the second half of the night.

This morning I had one chair slid half way across the deck.  I also have two dogs laying on the floor here in the office.  That means 2 tails and 8 feet I need to avoid rolling onto as I move between machines.  I don't have the heart to tell them to go lay in the living room.  I know Saffy gets scared when thunder is near by.

I ventured a bit north last night into Bridgeville.  It's about as far as heading south to Washington, but I was feeling adventurous.  I hit their Big Lots as I had a coupon and a need for more bottled water.  Then I swung into Aldi's to get more supplies before taking the backroad past Thai Suan Thip.  I've been eager to try this place and was excited to have thai food in the area.  I went basic w/ pad thai for my first visit.  It was good, but not phenomenal.

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