Saturday, February 25, 2017

Had a great visit today with my Favorite Egg's parents.  They came to see the new house, meet their grandpuppies, and to take Ben and I both out for his birthday dinner after a little chat around my table.  I had a yummy carolina bbq pulled pork sammie with onion straws on it.  This visit meant I was up and moving not too late today such that I could get a few other things in better order for their arrival.  The flooring got it's first de-fur and cleaning and the bed was remade with a bed skirt to name a few.

After a few super warm days it dropped back down into the 40s today and felt incredibly cold.  Last night as I worked upstairs I had to open the windows because it was up to 73 in the house and feeling a bit toasty.  I know this is more seasonal temps, but I really could get used to the 60s and 70s.  Soon enough I guess.

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