Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm so behind!  As you can imagine the few days after my previous post were quite hectic.  It took the movers a lot longer to load on Monday than I expected, which meant I was cleaning later than I expected, and didn't roll into the general Wash/Can area until around 9:30, where I caught up with my Favorite Egg for some dinner before delivering another load to the new place and heading to his place to crash late as can be.

I was up that Tuesday bright and shiny to get to the new place and wait for the movers, where I worked putting things away as I could and directing them where items went.  It too was a long day, but a little shorter than the one before.  Turned out they underestimated the size of truck needed, so the second one showed around 5pm on Monday, and didn't get here until Wednesday.

I did get some work in on Wed and Thurs, but not full days as I needed to take some time putting things away. The office is reasonably set up but not complete as is the kitchen.  During these days the DirecTV guy and HVAC guy came and did their thing too, and I had a new doctor appointment.

Then on Thursday night Lor-Lor arrived, because Friday morning we flew out to San Juan!  We spent two nights there before joining Jewel of the Seas for a 7 night get away.  In San Juan we hit some places I knew were sure bets (Cafe Cultura and Mojitos) and tried some other places out (La Madre), we walked along some of the touristy areas, and we made a trek to the El Yunique rain forest and then off to night kayaking to see the bioluminescent bay!  It was not luminescing leading up to our visit, but we sure saw it!  My legs were pretty sore from the rainforest hike for a few days.

This trip was pretty busy, with only one day at sea before the last port.  We went to...
St Thomas where we did a walking tour on our own, targeting the Synagogue.  There was a little rain, but still a good day and it was a nice little tour.
St Kitts where we had booked a trip to the Clay Villa Plantation and a bit of an island tour.  It too was a nice day and a pleasant tour.
St Johns Antigua, where we went on a catamaran tour through the ship.  The snorkeling wasn't great and there was simply too many ppl who didn't know what to do with a pair of flippers.  It was a nice enough day, but the tour was as I'd expect of the cattle call.
Barbados where our prebooked tour left without us an hour before our ship arrived.  Yeah.  Not getting good reviews there.  We ended up doing a taxi tour with a few other ppl, but it notably missed some key areas.
At sea Lor-Lor took the sushi class and we both had a bite, then I caved and bought an embellished giclee of Ilyayev (A Little Stroll).  It may be a little longer until my next sail, so I used that as my excuse.
St Maarten where we went on a kick butt private power boat tour/3-stop snorkel.  As a result I am crispy burned.

We arrived home after a day of travel late last night and today I headed out early to fetch the girls from camp back by Jtown.  We arrived and they checked everything out before crashing out.  I'd say they're feeling pretty comfortable.  I've done a little more unpacking and organizing today, but not a ton - I'm tired.

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