Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dogs.  That is the theme of today's post, and here it is only 7:30ish when I got up at 7.  Sounds kind of ominous, doesn't it?

First, I love that all of my new neighbors have dogs.  I do not like already knowing that some of those new neighbors don't realize it isn't acceptable to put their little yippie shits outside at 6am and allow them to make all kinds of noise.

Next, I discovered who the crazy dog person is here (thank God it isn't me).  The house two doors up w/ the fence but no deck had... I dunno, I counted 5, but there may have been more as they were running about frantic, out there this morning.  It immediately caught my attention because they all began to bark and run about when I took the girls out back (on leash remember because I don't have a fence yet).  They however do as I do and immediately opened the door calling them in to contain the noise.  I admit I'm glad they are not immediately next door, and I'm sure my girls agree - they didn't appreciate the crazed excitement our previous neighbor puppy had.

Final note, while I made my english muffin this morning (yay - I went to the grocery store) Saffy was helping to unpack, the treats that is.  She pulled out a rawhide.  Fortunately, I saw that right away so I could close up the box before a morning smorgasbord ensued.

Speaking of that fence I need to find someone, get quotes, and get drawings to expedite things once the weather breaks.  Going from a short first floor walk to two flights of stairs to take the dogs out on leash isn't my favorite thing about the new house - and the weather is even nice right now.

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