Sunday, February 05, 2017

I'm hoping to sleep like a champ tonight.  I left my favorite Egg's earlier in the day than I normally do on Sundays too, so I had more time to finish packing tonight.  There is still a little more to do before I can call it a night however.  The movers will be here tomorrow morning and I have to keep up the motivation to clean behind them as they clear things out.

Friday morning I was up earlier than normal so I could drop the girls off the second the place opened.  Then I was back to the house to load some stuff up and on the road.  Fortunately the weather I have been blessed with has been fantastic, so it was smooth sailing for me to arrive at the new house for the final walk through right on time.  Then we were off to closing.  When I was on my own I headed back to empty the vehicle and then to cross some to do items off of the list.  I already have a change of address license card and stopped to get internet set up.  Back to the house I cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen cabinets so I am ready to start unpacking the most important room.  I also started the list of stupid little things that need fixed.  New house, wth.  Saturday I was a bit of a slacker.  We did take a load from his place to the new one but other than that I didn't get much done there.

It wasn't a perfect weekend as in we forgot to get the check from the previous owners for some other repairs that need made *sigh* and they said their electrician didn't see the front light tripping, but I managed to trip it several times, that is, once I figured out how to reset it.  I wasn't too worried about it until I realized I couldn't get out because the tripped circuit also killed the garage door.  I eventually, with the help of the flashlight on my phone found the plug that needed reset.  I will say this - even in newer houses the way they choose to run wiring makes NO SENSE.  Oh, and they left two squares of tp in the whole house.  Thanks.  This bumped the stop at Big Lots for a few items up on the to do list that made me run back out so fast.

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