Thursday, January 12, 2017

It was in the 60s today and raining, but set to plunge back down tomorrow.  *shakes head*  If the yard hadn't been a complete muddy mess I would have tried to scoop.  I really do need to get that tended to.

I've made a little more progress here and there on packing.  Last night was 4 big boxes in the basement along with getting a load of laundry done.  Tonight was only one box in the bedroom and starting to pull items aside that I'll need more urgently.  I spent another hour doing some research for work too, so the evening went fast.  It's only 9, but I'm wiped.  A friend posted about the trilogy I am currently a book and a half deep into, so now that's on my mind.  Maybe I'll soak for a little while with my book and wipe out a bit early.

When I got home tonight I checked something out that I was curious about with surprising results.  Not sure how to interpret.  Yay purposely cryptic posts!  I do use this as a place to track certain things, so this will help me remember should I need to do any further investigation.

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