Sunday, January 15, 2017

I did get a couple grocery bags scooped on Friday between a pass at lunch time and a quick pass before the sun set.  I did not get a lot of packing done on Saturday, but I did get to spend a little quality time with Beff, her Mama, and sister, and then eventually her hubs too.  It was good to get a legit visit in - and to have another big plate of sushi!  I ran out before we got together for lunch and snagged a small smash cake to celebrate Mom's birthday too.  Happy 85th in heaven!

I did get some packing done today in addition to making a big batch of yummy stir fry and corn casserole.  I know it's an odd mix, but I wanted to get a couple of things made to eat off of for a few days early in the week.  It's to the point I need to start planning meals around what remains so I can use up the cans/heavier items with minimal purchases to complete the meal.  Give me a week or two and the meals are going to be rather odd.

This week seems to be a bad one for many people I care about.  There are surgeries happening in the next two days for multiple people and another is headed to meet with new doctors after a worse diagnosis, so I am praying for these folks and their doctors, please say one for all for them.

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