Saturday, December 31, 2016

I'm late on this post, forgive me - so I'm backdating it.

I keep seeing the facebook posts joking about how this time last year people claimed 2015 sucked, but that 2016 was _going to be their year_.  I didn't go that far, but I did point out how un-fun 2015 was and welcomed 2016.  I guess this year could have been a lot worse, but I think the word I would use is stagnant.  As I re-read my post from 2015 I can't help but think "yeah, that's still applicable", "that too", "yup."

My weight is an issue again I need to fight before I'm at the deep end.  The company continues to dwindle downward but I continue to cling on.

While most of the year feels unremarkable, there were some high points:
As always there was more travels. Maybe this warrants being in the stagnation bucket, but too bad, I love it too much to see it as anything less than a constant blessing.
- First there was the trip to Texas to attend my nephew's wedding!  How crazy is that?  Then my sister, her friend Rhonda, and I headed out on Liberty of the seas.
- Then my sweetie and I got onboard Adventure of the seas in May.
- I promised to return to Texas again to head to Lubbock and see my niece's apartment and school - which I did in September.
- In October my sweetie and I took a day in the local start parks to take in the autumn leaves.
- I found a last minute good deal, so my sweetie and I were back out again there in December on Harmony of the seas.

I got to see several people I care very much for get married this year, including Beff - who allowed me to be her maid of honor.

I succeeded in some of the things I set out to do at the end of last year, like purging more.  There was a definite push for this as I trimmed things down and packed items up to declutter.  Clearly, the courage to make the leap became real!

What I can say for sure is things are a-changin here in the last few weeks of 2016, without doubt!  I thought I was going to be able to say that within a year of returning from my Texas trip last February into March and deciding to get the house on the market I would have gotten it sold.  I guess there is still time for that although it appears unlikely at this point.  Either way, this whole process has definitely brought some drama and stress into my life and it isn't over yet.

My desires for 2017:
Obviously, I want that buyer for my house that actually closes!  The start of 2017 is going to feel awfully busy and will be full of new things for me (new houses, doctors, vets, neighbors, church, daily life).  I just want to take my time on some things and not stress too much as I find my way in getting settled.  But at the same time I need to start working out again, maybe a new home will help me start out with some new healthier habits.

Also related to new habits is trying to force myself to not be my backwards with strangers self - as in, I want to SPEAK to my new neighbors, start off on the right foot there too.

It will be nice to not be away from my girls for Christmas next year.  I never wanted to put them in the kennel and go away at the holidays because it seemed so sad, but here I have done it for three years.  I admit - I'm glad this will be minimized.

Since I will be living somewhere new, and much closer to activities I have not done because of the distance to the burgh, I'd also like to get out and do stuff.  Maybe a concert, maybe hitting Kennywood again, whatever - but I do want to focus on finding new things too, like checking out new eateries and whatnot.  But all of that will need to wait until I am out from under the bills of a second house.

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