Saturday, December 31, 2016

I have little more to say other than my current home is back on the market.  Nothing was an issue on the inspection and we didn't even get the appraisal back - no worries there, it is, to my understanding something big and personal came up for my buyer.

There aren't words right now.  I didn't make my new purchase contingent because, well I thought we were good to go after the inspection was golden (that's what I waited for to move out on my own purchase).  One could bail (and not loose deposits) if something comes back on the inspection.  That is NOT my strategy, but heaven knows things could come back that are beyond what I'd expect.  Speaking of - that inspection is currently slated for Tuesday.

This does effect my new mortgage information, so I need to get in contact with them.  It also means that while I pack I need to somehow get the house in order to show again.  I originally was planning on pulling the house for January and February - but I don't feel like that's wise now that I'm looking down the barrel of three gas bills, three electric bills, and two water bills.

I don't understand your plan God.  Please help me.

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