Sunday, November 20, 2016

Yesterday that plugged up something was in the apartment furnace.  Imagine my surprise this morning when things didn't seem to be coming up to temp very fast on my side and then I realized it wasn't always kicking the blower on as expected.  (sigh)  Fortunately, the HVAC guy was very responsive.  Something plugged up the condensation tubing (I'd guess something 'shaken loose' from the cleaning yesterday).  I'm back up and kicking once again.  Ok, go on house - what are you going to throw for the trifecta?

I'd say at this point we have about a half an inch of snow based on the railing on the deck, but it's been pretty windy so that might be less than what we really got.  There was only a dusting this morning, but it seems to be a pretty steady fall right now.

No word yet on yesterday's showing.  Much like buying a lottery ticket I allow myself to live in that fantasy for a few minutes I am dreaming today of having a moment with two families concurrently interested in the house.  Who says you need to stop pretending if you're not a little kid?

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