Saturday, November 19, 2016

Last evening and this morning I put things in order, once again, for a showing.  I'm pleasantly surprised that the pace of showings has been steady.  I guess I expected it to slow down after school started or now, as we're starting to think holidays, but that hasn't happened.

The HVAC guy was here today while the showing took place, so they know I do tend to my house at least. He was able to clean things up and unplug something that was clogged up - so we're good to go again on the apartment side.  He also cleaned and checked my side.  I was expecting a painful cost but even on that I am pleasantly surprised.

Since the house was clean - what to do what to do?  I pulled out the ceramic Christmas tree and a few minor decorations and then brought the supplies downstairs to start wrapping the gifts I have.  I have shopping I need to get done so I can finish all of the wrapping.  After a quick run out to see if I could find any other good gift options, I decided to also get a start on my Christmas cards as well.

This morning the weather was still so nice (like yesterday) that I almost didn't want to believe what they said was coming.  Before noon the wind picked up and the darker clouds rolled in.  By the time we were in the car waiting for the showing the sleet had started.  That dissipated, but I see now a very light dusting of white across the deck as I put the dogs out for their last trip.  They were saying 6-10, then 3-5, now an inch... so you tell me.  My weather channel needs to be "get out of bed, walk to back door, see how much we got" - so I can stop panicking over the fear-mongering weather reports.

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