Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I had a rather unusual dream this morning.  Most would label it a scary dream, but I wasn't freaking out in the dream and I didn't wake scared either.  Yay for all of that desensitizing I suppose.  I haven't really watched anything "scary" lately either (other than Walking Dead - but I even cringe at labelling that "scary", because it's not).

Anyhow, I was in an apartment of some sort - two entrances, the main one and like a back hall that fed out to landing areas with stairs, this hall felt more industrial than an apartment building.  The fire alarms went off, so I and two other people there in the room with me scrambled to find our IDs, which looked more like a cruise ID card.  We couldn't find the one person's so I said - let's just go.  We opened the door to the back hall and there were people hanging from nooses - one just outside the door and a few more there beyond her in the way of the stairwells.  I quickly closed the door and said to lock it and we headed to the other door to head down an almost spirally staircase that way.  We got to the main floor and everyone was there acting like they too had spotted the same issues on their way out.  Then the alarm went off.

Where did _that_ come from?

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