Sunday, November 27, 2016

The tire pressure sensor finally turned off as I headed out of town on Wednesday.  I guess it did just need some time and distance with an acceptable reading.  That was a blessing and relief.  It was one less thing on my mind while I enjoyed the long holiday weekend with my Favorite Egg at two different family get togethers.

There are, of course, many stressful things going on in the lives of people I love once again in time for the holiday season.  It blows my mind how it seems to be such a difficult time frame for so many.  There are job worries/drama and trips to the ICU for a long time ailing elderly relative of a relative to name a few.  I'm allowing it all to remind me of the many things I have to be so very thankful for.  Not that life is easy, but life is just that - full of twists, turns, and challenges.

I'm still waiting for feedback on showings - both the second showing this past Saturday and a showing the Saturday before.  I have the good news of another showing tomorrow.  Time of year definitely doesn't seem to play as big of a roll in house hunting in this area as I expected it would.

I've allowed the house I liked going pending to make me focus on the things that I wouldn't have adored about that house.  I always said that renting a few places was good before owning a home, so you'd learn things that seem obvious - like how bad it sucks to have crappy windows etc.  I have no reason to not keep paying attention as it may help me get an even more perfect place for me.

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