Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Leather seats == way less time spent vacuuming dog fur out of a vehicle.  The floors aren't perfect, but that task is done and it looks WAY better. My back windows aren't a dark enough tint to have allowed that to go on much longer.  Of course, as often as they're in the car as of late it won't last long, but I feel better.

I gave into a desire last night to put some black back into my hair (this craving seems to come on with the fall).  So, the underneath is black again, which surprises me all the more of a difference there really is.  I guess my brown is only a couple of shades off of black.  Next I'll touch up the top with a bit more vibrant of a color.

For the first time ever I also stopped at the Farmer's Market that is at the Lutheran Church on Scalp.  I always forget about it on Tuesdays and I'm never headed that way to be reminded on sight - until today.  I scored some beautiful looking cherry tomatoes, butternut squashes, garlic, fresh/fragrant basil, some late variety strawberries, and even mixed color green beans (to smother in garlic and butter).

Final note - Christmas shopping officially started as the first item that made me think of someone on my list was spotted on Amazon.

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