Thursday, September 22, 2016

I'm staring to think the primary objective of the post office to avoid delivering mail.  When I returned from vacation I had a notice of a certified letter from the township waiting for me.  I signed the paper and told them to deliver it in my absence.  Only THEN did he boldly mark the box saying I MUST be present or I must go pick it up at the post office.  (This has happened once before a while back.)  Well then, you can go ahead and return it.  I work and I am NOT driving the whole way downtown to pick up something that I'm not expecting.

Now today I get a notification from Amazon on a package that says the post office attempted delivery.  This tells me they didn't leave it.  Why?  There is nothing about this package that should require my presence or a signature.  In the past when Amazon has allowed things to get shipped via UPS and then handed off to the post office it incurs a several day delay.  You see the package arrive in town and it waits for a couple of days to get to your door.  What's up with that?

Dear Amazon, please ship UPS and NOT with the post office; they cheapen your user experience and delay your otherwise prompt service.

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