Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'd rather be home and bored than at work, don't get me wrong, but I'm feeling pretty lame.  The big excitement of my day is going to be taking Saffy to get her nails trimmed at Petco.  I've been watching the clock waiting to go until the time they told me to come.  I asked the vet's office to trim them when we were in back early July, but they're looking pretty rough again.  I am such a slacker, I should be taking her walking now that it's cooler.

I could have done some things outside, like migrating the tomato plant that I started from seed to the larger pot and the nearly dead tomato plant currently in that pot to the trash, but I didn't.  I almost allowed myself a nap, but forced myself to sit up so I am not flopping about in bed tonight.

I do have plans to make some good grub tonight with food from the farmer's market tonight.  I'm thinking stuffed peppers and a hot bacon vinaigrette salad.  I have enough tomatoes in the freezer to do another batch of spaghetti sauce which would help me get through more of the garlic, maybe I'll get that underway tomorrow.  I put a small bottle of port in the fridge for this evening.  So there's that.

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