Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The showing on Monday was postponed... so I redid that cleaning this evening in prep for it tomorrow.  Of course, it looked fine outside until I cleaned the outside of the back door and the windows in the living room - and then another heavy rain came blowing in, making a mess of the door and window all over again.  I also put the switchplate, plug, and heat vent covers back on in the apartment, even though they'll need to come back off when the carpet goes in.

Oh, I also trimmed back the butterfly bush and the russian sage, both of which were going insane out front and looked a bit too unruly.  I'm kind of disappointed w/ the butterfly bush, maybe it's my own fault as I don't know if I should have been trimming in some manner, but it gets so tall and lanky with blooms far apart.

In other interesting 'news'.  I don't know why or how, but I feel like I knew this was going to happen before it came to be - but the people who owned this house before me?  Their current place, the one they moved to after leaving here, just came on the market now too.

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