Sunday, August 14, 2016

The painting in the apartment is done, with the exception of any touch ups after the new carpet goes in.  I'll admit, it looks way better than I could have anticipated.  Since so much progress was made prior to today I had plenty of time to make a batch of brownies and cook up pork/kraut/mashers.

While I've been busy I still took the time to sing happy birthday to Danika today, who has turned 11.  They got to share a can of moist food and lick out the mashed potato pot, so everyone is happy.

Sure I still had plenty of the odds and ends to do since there is a showing tomorrow, but I have actually gotten to sit down too.  I don't think it's felt so good in a long time.  My eyes are heavy, but there is a preview show on the upcoming Walking Dead season tonight at 10 - I have to keep them propped open.

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