Sunday, August 14, 2016

I'm whooped.  Friday night friends stopped in to see how the patched spots looked in the apartment after I had finished and showered... I was just sitting down on the coach and already fighting sleep.  When they got here they said "let's start priming!"  I can't say no if I'm getting free help, but I was dying by the time we halted for the evening.  Today I was up early for there return and we got everything fully primed and the first coat on.  It looks so much brighter in there.

Of course, I had committed to helping at Summerfest tonight too, so there was no rest for the wicked.  Another shower and I was out the door and on the way to Portage.  I was really hoping I was needed sitting in the information booth or something like that.  Instead I was serving fries.  I think I got all of the grease and smell off of me.  I'm tired, my feet are aching, but my brain is still going.

I came home and forced myself to reply to an email on the home warranty.  *sigh*  It boggles my mind how things change with every single email.  Seriously, why are people incompetent at their jobs?  If you do this EVERY day, how can you not get it right.  Hmm, sounds like a great time to bring up the fact that our lawyer for Mom's estate is still cluster f-ing things.  Seriously dude.  Fire your receptionist.  She is a waste.  And you?  You need to go get things done instead of pointing out how much your balance is for finishing things.

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