Thursday, August 18, 2016

I just want to move on, but I feel trapped. I was so hopeful this time would be different. It isn't. My frustration is only compounded by the futility of trying to keep things in order. Every showing is approx 2 hours lost at work because, by some oddness no one seems to work during the day but me. This week too it seems like the dogs, well one of them, is acting against me (I swear on purpose).

I started to waffle again and think maybe it would be better/easier if I wasn't here, but I fell for that mistaken thinking when I moved to NC and we all know how that turned out. I know that an empty place means things start to go wrong, plus it's all cooped up, and you can't get a great vibe on room sizes w/o furniture.

I loathe that I cannot think of anything else that I can do other than spend a ton more money on upgrades or dropping the price drastically - and even those two things hold no guarantees other than the fact that it would leave me hurting. This sucks.

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