Thursday, March 17, 2016

I had my yearly visit to the regular doctor today.  Girl dr is next week, but since my regular doctor and I know they're complete slackers, we went ahead and took a little bit of action.  TMI warning on the rest of this paragraph:  You might remember me complaining last year about lower back/menstrual type pain that was pretty intense and long lasting.  It has gone away, but my longer term issues of bleeding even when taking active pills and in sudden bursts - that remains.  I'm going off the pill and after a cycle I'll take a prescription that is to, for lack of better phrasing trigger my period and 'clean me out'.  She mentioned that while fibroids were spotted on the tests for pain last year, they wouldn't spot any polyps, so she was leaning towards a d&c to try and deal with things... but I'm putting that off and going this other route for now.  Fingers crossed.

I also had a massage after work, and I was starting to feel the ache in my back heading towards my neck, so it was good timing.  From there I stopped for a bite to eat before coming home to get back to work.

Speaking of that work, today ... It took 6 printer paper boxes to handle 99% of my cds, dvds, and ps2 games.  But that's done.  I also have one mega box (one that Amazon used to ship a 32 gallon garbage can) full of hangers, winter coats, and living room pillows.  I emptied the dishwasher too, does that count for something?  Oh, and I emptied a bottle of vodka (don't misread that, it was almost there) - so that's one less thing to box up!

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