Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today I ...
... Cleared a ton out of the bathroom to free up shelf space
... Thinned out under the bathroom sink
... Threw away some conditioner and other bathroom goo that I will never use
... Organized and labeled the boxes in the basement that contain all of my goo products
... Contacted someone about the doors I want for the storage area in the bathroom
... Emailed my realtor

I also went to youth group.  It feels like forever since I've been there.  I will miss my church.  I also got my allergy shot.  Get this - if I relocate I'd either need to:  start all over again with a new allergist or come in once a year for an appointment and twice a year to get refills of my syrum, then find someone who is willing to give me the shots when I need them. You'd think there would be some type of 'prescription' or information that could be handed off and used by another allergist.  I'm going to have to press to get my records from them to see if another allergist wouldn't tell me something a little different.

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