Saturday, March 19, 2016

Yesterday only added one more box of books to the tally, but I did have a nice dinner with Beff. It's been a while since we've gotten to see one another.  I neglected to note that I did order a shower curtain, so that's coming.

Today I was up early and did a bunch of running around, and spending more money than I'd like.  First I ran out towards New Germany to check in with another place regarding the cabinet doors.  On my way back in I was at Home Depot.  I left there light handed with just a couple of tray liners for painting and some cabinet pulls (I'm trying to will those into happening).

To the mall where I admit was frivolous shopping.  There were free body washes and underwear to snag!  While there I also picked up some things we'll need for Beff's shower and a couple of pairs of shorts.  I have plenty of shorts, this is a fact, but they're all either jean shorts or shorty around the house shorts - nothing cloth and more suitable for hot days in cruise ports.  So that issue has been resolved.  I'm also doing some routine cleaning (laundry).

From there I was Aldi because I have a craving and needed a baguette to make that happen tomorrow, and then on to Big Lots (I had a coupon) and Ollie's - which I at least left those places with some premium paint for both the bathroom and outdoor tasks that are on my to do list and paint brushes.  I also stopped at Michael's, Hallmark, and the Christian bookstore, where across them all I found a few more items for the shower.

Tonight I have bagged some gifts for upcoming things (it is on a to do list), peeled off some of the one wall stickers, removed all of the magnets and papers from my fridge and washed the outside down (minus the top - I'll do that again when I put the things up there into boxes and pull the whole thing out to clean underneath again).  The rest of my productive time (until I give up) will be spent pulling everything out of drawers, tossing some stuff to donate, tossing some stuff to pack now, and wiping out the drawers and then liquid golding the outside before putting things away again neatly.

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