Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I've had a few days off from my work about the house because of the holiday weekend. I went to see my Favorite Egg and enjoy the holiday with two celebrations with his family. We also met a realtor I've been talking to and looked at a couple of places to get a feel for some of the areas. The first two houses were gorgeous, particularly the first one - but on a postage stamp of land. The second had land, but was older, and the square footage was misleading because it was a split level (which I'm not overly desiring of to begin with). Saturday was a little shopping, a little looking at options for a fix I'm trying to do here at my place, and a couple of DVDs (Mockingjay Part 1 and Hotel Transylvania 2).

Now that I'm back I sat down last night and tried to give myself a game plan for each night the rest of this week and into the weekend. There is still so very much to do and I'm not even touching the bigger jobs that will likely take a day on their own (mostly outdoor things like mulching, evening up some ground, etc). I just need to keep plugging away. I feel bad, but when my Favorite Egg is back in I'm going to put him to work on a few things that I could use a strong hand with. Hopefully a bunch of those tasks will crank out in a day.

Rex is in too for the holiday, so I slacked off last night, heading to the Orchard for a bite to meet him and Lori there too. It's been so long! Then we had the unexpected surprise of Mithy walking in!

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