Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yesterday was all about appointments, so I have time to make up at work. First there was a laser hair removal appointment that went way longer than it should due to issues with the laser. Then after I left I realized we didn't hit the front part of my upper legs due to the issues and jumping around to my armpits etc out of order to make sure we could get them done should the machine stop functioning all together. I really am not fond of the way this office handles things (everything from pricing to trying to get you scheduled again in a month to who actually executes the treatment and how). Given that an area was missed I'm thinking how this gets resolved may be a make or break for them.

Then I headed straight to my eye doctor appointment (I wouldn't have had time to sit around longer at the previous place because of this). Good news is my right eye has gotten better and doesn't need correction at all. My left eye has remained the same. I am replacing my oldest pair of glasses and shifting my work ones home to be my night/driving glasses. Good golly I feel old just typing that.

I did get to do some work yesterday, but then headed out for my after work massage appointment, which was very due. I made sure to schedule another one for right after the auction because I am sure I'll need it.

This morning I woke to a message from my sister, and I learned that my cousin has lost one of her teenage children in a car accident. It's so sad to hear things like this with young kids. Many prayers for them.

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