Sunday, June 14, 2015

I did get moving and to church this morning.  After, I sweated it out and finished things up in the apartment.  The windows are washed and the shelf I bought for in the closet is put together.  There are two more things off of my to do list!

I'm not so patiently waiting for potatoes to cook so I can mash them to go with my pork roast.  I brought back some of Mom's homemade broth from her freezer that is helping this meal along and added in some homemade kraut from Davey T.

I never did get that nap yesterday, and one doesn't look promising today either.  After I eat it's time to get on some cleaning on this side of the wall.  At least there is central air over here - and right now that is a must.  I should make another run to Richland Cemetery to collect more photos as I finished processing the last set, but unless it starts to cool as the sun goes down that isn't happening.  Even less likely is getting out for a walk or jog.

Also, I have a couple of the small cherry sized tomatoes starting to ripen!  I'm so excited.

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