Sunday, June 21, 2015

My favorite Egg was in for the weekend.  I ran to a Davey T auction down the road on Friday night before he arrived just to check out an estate sale and to see how they worked.  Then Saturday morning my Egg and I went to another down in Seward, from where I came home with a new toy.

The big excitement for the weekend however was a mess in the garage and to a MUCH lesser degree in one part of the basement.  I learned I need to trust my intuition more.  In the past week I had a moment where I thought "gee, I can't believe I haven't heard that sump pump go - I hope it's working right".  Well guess what?  The rain REALLY came down on Saturday evening.  As such the ground water raised enough that without that sump running it bubbled up and over the sump pump tank, a few seams/cracks, and where the old drain pipes were closed up.  We changed out the extension cord as it seemed like it wasn't making an awesome connection for whatever reason.  It ran but then seemed to hang up again.  I guess we had pumped it enough to catch the float up against the wall, so it was just a quick adjustment we've been running since - much to Danika's pleasure, since she enjoys playing in the water spray out back.  *yay*  Yeah, she needed the mud washed off of her feet last night.

My honey also brought me a beautiful new piece of art for my wall in celebration of our one year together.  It is a heart print where the heart is put together of red/orange/yellow/white sea glass.  Quite pretty!  It has taken its place on the living room wall where an old poster type print was.  I had mentioned wanting to find something a little more fancy to go here and he listens all too well.  Matter of fact, I realized that I even helped pick out the frame the last time I was down to visit.  Sneaky boy.  I took us to RJ's Cafe downtown on the Wild One's suggestion for dinner on Friday - it was _really_ good!

Now tonight I will be sad that he has had to return home, but less than often as very soon I go to get the girl child from the local airport!

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