Thursday, June 11, 2015

My head and throat were good this morning after I wised up and turned on the air purifier after crawling into bed and starting to feel the boom in my head from laying down. I don't know why I don't think to use my air purifier more often. The noise of it running doesn't keep me awake or anything.

While my to do list remains longer than I'd like I did cross a few things off last night. First, the newly added task of backing more stuff up because I'm a slacker. Hundreds of photos that weren't previously backed up have made their way to my shutterfly account (thank you very much faster internet connection).

Then I headed outside to tend to some weeds and low hanging branches. The evil clingy vine was really trying to take over a tree along the back property line. Not only did I pull down the vine but I even abused it until I was able to get some of the thicker feeders out of the ground and pried off of the tree. There are three large dog food bags full of these clippings to the curb and many branches added to my neighbor's pile. Sorry, but if you're going to pile ALL of the clippings from that property right near my fence so I get to look at them all the time I am absolutely going to add clippings from your trees that are hanging onto my property to said pile.

Finally, I washed my sheets and remade the bed just in time to wipe out. I only gave myself a few minor scratches and one sore spot on the top of the head from bonking myself while trying to cut back a stubborn branch.

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