Thursday, May 28, 2015

The tenant is out. As per normal this had me well up a wee bit with anxiety. It isn't like I need it rented to be okay, so I don't know why it gives me issue.

The Durango is well on her way to being ready to be transferred. The repairs for the leaf spring and exhaust related items I know were necessary for inspection were completed on Wednesday. Now for the mirror to come in and to Carmen's she will go for that repair and inspection. I'll also need to get the detailing complete, so I guess I have another call to make and more running to do.

I'm trying to find my calm with Saffy. We've gone walking the past two evenings just before dark. While I enjoy it in the moment, and it isn't much of physical challenge I do have a mental challenge just getting myself moving. Last night I watched the documentary-style show "Fed Up". I'm hoping to maintain my level of fear it fed me on the sugar factor. I'd like to really back off my sugar intake. I do wonder how many pounds would end up melting away as a result. I suspect I wouldn't have to work out as hard as I have in the past if I paired it with such cautious consumption.

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