Monday, May 25, 2015

While my weekend is over, at least this time the week is only 4 days long.  We had a good and busy visit this weekend.  Friday night I picked up the new vehicle!  There are so many options and a lot to get use to.  It's taken the weekend, but I think we are going with Serafina for her name, a nice Italian name, even if they did misspell Sorrento.

After picking up the vehicle I returned home to await my honey's arrival.  After I surprised him that I had made my purchase, we headed to Donegal for a fireworks display at a local dealer.  That was pretty neat.  I can't believe how much they had included in their demo.  Boy was it cold out there though.  I was chilly despite having my winter coat and a blanket with us.

Saturday we headed to an auction and dinner down the mountain.  Sunday was bowling and a couple of movies on Netflix.  Today was chicken cooked out and a mishmash of leftovers and grub to simulate a cookout and then a meal with his parents as he headed out of town.  We really made the most of the long weekend, but there is always still so much more I'd like to get to do - even if it's just sitting around. I'm tired, I'll sleep deeply tonight, but not well at the same time.  There are hours to be covered this week from last week... so it will be a busy 4 days.

On other news, Vixen appears to have another growth popping out at her side, it appears to be fatty tumour-ish, but right now it's hard to tell.  She remains happy and a good eater, so I can't worry too much at this point.  I do wish however that she didn't have to struggle with the size of her stomach as it seems to trip her up from time to time.  Poor girl.

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