Monday, May 18, 2015

Anxiety. I'm a bundle of it today. Maybe I confuse excitement with anxiety at this point. I have a re-up meeting today, which is nothing to fret over. Been there, done that, no reason to worry, but it is a change from my normal day, so I think that feeds it a bit. Then there is the whole ongoing car thing.

The shopvac and I did our best yesterday to get the spare dog out of the Durango. I wiped down the windows, removing the stickers I had on there, armor all'ed everything, and sprayed it down to remove any dog odor. I probably should take a bucket of sudsy water to the seats to clean them up a bit too.

I think I've over-researched what it's worth at this point. The different sites have me looking at quite the wide range. As such, I think it will go to the dealership just to see what they'd offer. I think it would give me a good starting point. I have one interested party, so I'm hoping they're truly interested as I'd rather not deal with the hassle of the freaks that crawl out of the woodwork when advertising on craigslist or autotrader.

I'm sure too all of the stuff w/ Mom's place is lingering in the back of my head.

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