Friday, January 16, 2015

This right here is ridiculous.

Dear Nanny State,
Take the money you are wasting to harassing parents who are clearly NOT neglecting or abusing their children and put it towards eliminating the criminal elements that you are SOOOO concerned about these children running afoul of. Children should be able to play in their neighborhoods and walk a couple of blocks to the park/school/a friend's house without your involvement or intercession. How dare you terrify the children with all of those police cars and questioning like their parents were criminals.

While we're on the topic: School bus drivers should not have to see a parent waiting for the child before they allow them off of the bus. It is not your job to decide if the 12 year old is responsible enough to have a key to leave themselves into the house for an hour before their parents return from work. Work - you know, that place where people have to go as to not be on FOOD STAMPS, WELFARE, and other bullshit government programs milking off of those of us who DO work.

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