Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm to wait until the doctor reviews my test results and sends them back to my PCP but it's pretty clear there is asthma and a high likelihood of an inhaler to have on hand should I have another incident.  The thought of it makes me feel old, out of shape, and damaged even though I know that there are world class athletes with asthma.
I was feeling rather lazy yesterday after getting home, perhaps from the test, perhaps not, as I was too lazy to do a morning walk too.  I did take a nap w/ Saffy on the couch, but then forced myself to the elliptical, weight won't loose itself after all.  It really does make me feel better, it's just hard to get on there in the first place.  I didn't get up to walk this morning either, but tonight is another run night.  It will be necessary after having Mexican for lunch w/ magic hands and Beff. Of course, with a massage at the end of the day I may have even less motivation to get moving... but maybe it will loosen up my sore leg and shoulder.

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