Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Work has left me nothing shy of exasperated yesterday and today.  It's not like there is anything abnormal going on, and I recognize my patience is thin this week, which makes it seem worse.  I'm just back in that cycle of "remind me why I get everyone's grunt work again? - oh, right it's because I don't half-ass stuff, so I get to suffer more of it."
I did skip my evening workout last night because I left in a grumpy enough state that I just wanted to go home and go to bed, which I didn't do, but being a bum on the couch playing 2048 sufficed (dang you girl-child for showing me that game).  I tried to compensate today by doing the lunch time yoga class. (Have I  mentioned how much I loathe yoga?  I'm pretty sure there is a plane/circle of hell that is yoga 24-7.)  Yes, I will force myself back to my routine this evening, but I'm officially complaining about it right now.  Don't judge.  At least the scale was friendly again this morning.
I'm gonna go finish this work for someone else now...

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