Monday, October 10, 2011

This was one of the longer days as of late.  My leftovers promptly oozed all over everything else in the bag on the way to work, so perhaps it was just the pace being set.  The second half of my meeting went well enough, but I didn't have as much warm-fuzzy.  It is what it is, but more importantly what's done is done.

One good thing did come today, as I reached out to get the Tib detailed, which means in addition to Drake looking amazing I got to see Davey!  Amusingly, I thought the driver's seat was showing wear, but it turns out it was just dirty, apparently, putting lotion on my legs means a less than lovely looking seat.  Who'da guessed?

Miss D goes in tomorrow to have her cyst removed.  It should be pretty routine, but I'll still ask for prayers for her that this goes well and she heals quickly.  Routine or not there is anesthesia involved.

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