Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm moody right now, this I know, but I swear more things piss in your wheaties when you're in that state than otherwise would occur.  Of course, it's also why I gained 5 lbs in a day!  The acts that perform said whizzing also tend to always help zero in on your lack of confidence in yourself, like hearing that kind things that were said are probably said to everyone and are already forgotten by the one who said them.  The reoccurring question of "where do you want to be in 5 years" came up again.  I don't know.  I know some people love what they do to the point that they want to do that all night and all weekend, but that's just not me.  To join other groups etc focused on the things all day is, ultimately, still work for me, not something I'll be jumping for joy to participate in.  If the kind words are forgotten, there really is no point in me putting myself through such torture.  I should just settle to blend into the gray cube walls.

Meh, at least it's the weekend.  Unfortunately, that mood means I don't have much motivation right now to do anything, even cook dinner, much less exercise.  I had the last of the pumpkin spice cake I made last weekend and some steamed broccoli.

I came home tonight to a third night in a row where I had mail for someone else.  Now this is a frequent occurrence, once I've written to the post office about before but this one takes the (pumpkin spice) cake.  The piece I put back out in the mail earlier in the week got re-delivered to me!  Seriously, this has not become Devon drive in the past two days, I promise.

I did have one good thing occur, out of a less than great today however.  When I got to work today I went to water Henrietta, a plant that Rex had left with me when he moved away.  He also left George, but George died not too long ago.  Henrietta was gone.  GONE!  Someone plant-napped her!  They've been switching out the real plants at work for plastic ones.  Not thrilled with the idea, but I figured I'd water my plant and two down the hall from her that were left to dry out and all would be well.  Turns out the word of mouth going around was that the plants were free game, take them if you want them.  So someone took Henrietta, even though she was in a different pot and had her own name tag.  Long story short, a missing poster and posting on our internal listings and her abductor stepped forward with remorse for the misunderstanding.  That said, Henrietta will be back safe and sound Monday.

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