Saturday, October 15, 2011

I think someone is testing me.  Today someone actually had the balls, during the 10 seconds I stepped away from my cart in Ollie's to remove my items from my cart, cram them on the shelf, and walk off with my cart.  Really, you couldn't walk the 20 ft back to the front of the store for a cart?  They are SO fortunate I didn't catch who did it. I am pretty confident I would have lost my mind on them for being so self-centered with a douche-cream filling.  Who does something like that?

I didn't accomplish great feats like I did last weekend, but so far I have gotten the dishes done, and three loads of laundry through (yes, I still need to fold and put them away), AND I got most of the Christmas presents I already have upstairs wrapped!  This gave me a good chance to assess the completed shopping list and see who all I still need to buy for so I can focus my gift search.

Now that the various household machines are done using the hot water, I think I'm going to go get a nice steamy shower!

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