Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm finally getting through to the other side of the web of insanity.  Hormones are a bitch.  At least I made it through without severe pain or nausea this time.  Too bad modern medicine doesn't address crazy.  On the topic of medicine I've started reapplying antibac to the wound on the tat.  It bubbled back up yesterday with another blister and was oozing today.  Prb not a good thing.

Danika on the other hand is doing very well.  I've not noted any swelling or redness around her stitches, so hopefully we'll be good to remove those on the earlier end of the timeline I was given.  I even took her for the walk this evening instead of my constant companion, Saff-a-roo kanger-puppy.  She instead sat outside content to stare up in the tree watching the chippies.

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