Monday, October 24, 2011

HA!  So I can email a post in now, nice.  No longer will I need to wait until day's end to toss a thought your way.  Should I apologize?

Anyhow, Danika got her stitches out tonight after work, so we're way on the good side of the mend.  Amusingly she's healing faster than I am.  My tattoo wound from three weeks ago is still not healed well enough to tell what the result is going to be.  On a positive note, for a brief period I feared it was infected but that cleared up quickly.  It's dried up at least now.

I headed to the apartment after I returned with D, I ate quickly before the vet run to facilitate getting over there fast.  Put in another 3 1/2 hours.  For my trouble the curtains are back up in the kitchen (and at the last minute the bedroom), the rugs and the furniture have had the rug scrubber taken to them (God I love that think and am so glad to have it), the fake wood paneling has been rubbed down with liquid sander.  I've gotta tell you, I really don't think I'm following through on painting the paneling.  I'm really not feeling confident it'll take or that it will look right... then there is that it took how long it did just to rub down the walls, much less priming and coats of paint working around this that and the other.  When you paint wood paneling do you paint the trim too?  Then there are the torch style lights on the wall I'd need to pull loose too.  There just simply isn't enough time given nights to bust through everything without losing my mind.

I still have to get the new bed over there and set up, the living room curtains up, and some replacement items purchased... off the top of my head.  Am I just making excuses to get out of the work?  Maybe, but those justifications seem pretty hefty in my mind's scale.

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