Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday I left work a wee bit early to meet someone at the house.  Fingers crossed the estimates for the basement to garage and garage to outside doors will be something I can manage as I'd really like to get them replaced.  From there I headed for my overdue massage, from which I am still a little sore this morning, which should give you a good indication of how tense I was - and didn't realize it until the 10 minute massages at work earlier in the week.

I admit to a bit of a lazy Saturday, sleeping in and chilling with the fuzzy girls, but I knew I was going to have plenty to get on top of today, so that's my excuse.  Last night I also got to indulge having sushi with the Schmoo clan, DP/Gail, and H/T.  I did start the work-related laundry last night, so that is more than half done, but it will be a while before I can make use of those cleaned items.  Today I'll be working in the apartment to get it turned around for new tenants to see.  I'm going to try and focus on cleaning for now, but I also had designs on painting the wood paneling.  Without the help I had thought I was going to have my motivation for that is faltering, as is my excitement to go try and lift the heavy-ass old mattress and box springs to get them out of there, making room for new(er).  I hate this part.  Why didn't I hire someone to come and do the cleaning?

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