Saturday, September 24, 2011

So, I've had my days all mixed up.  Long story short I had today, instead of tomorrow, to get things done around here.  I still decided to sleep in, with the girls' cooperation, until 10:30.  I had to make a run to Fritz's since it's the last weekend they'll be open for produce, then into Ollies and Big Lots, as is my desire on weekends.  Not wishing us into the depths of winter, but I ended up picking up some new holiday wreaths for the front porch since my old greens are looking pretty ratty and a new entryway rug.

As for the less than desirable work I cleaned in the bathroom and vacuumed before I showered and after my running I was out scooping poop and cutting back some dead plants to make way for my faithful lawn-mowing assistance.  I'll tell you, I know I need to do more today, but for now I am just going to chill with a couple more episodes of Farscape and wait for the oven to beep.  I decided today's the day I am going to try Alton's butternut squash soup recipe.  Squash isn't suppose to be in the first phase of the diet, but I figured I'll have a bowl and freeze the rest if need be, just to get the pile of squashes off of my kitchen counter in the near term.

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