Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's been a pretty busy week in spirit if not in actions.  I had a purse party in Altoona on Sunday, so that and a quick visit with mum before and after ate up much of that day.  Monday and tonight I hauled out for walks with the beasts, which seems to keep the evening moving quickly before me.  Last night I got word that Mithy was ready for some company so I packed up shortly after getting home from work and headed over to hand with her and my dear Addie.

I've got other activities in the next few days such as happy hours and, unfortunately, a funeral, so I may be a bit quiet.  It's funny how I sit around with nothing to do, longing for something more than the to do around the house list staring at me, but when I feel like I'm constantly running I tend to long for my couch and my puppy.  Proof I'm never happy?

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