Friday, September 30, 2011

Home sweet home.  I feel like I've been on "Go" every night this week.  At happy hour this evening I saw a major blast from the past walk in.  At first I could hardly believe my eyes that it was Jimmy, then when I saw his beautiful wife - I knew it was!  It's been years, and here they are living in Johnstown, who'da guessed I'm that out of touch.

I shot my diet to hell this evening in celebration of a departing colleague, but so be it.  Two delightful lambics and a pork bbq sandwich with sweet potato fries I'm home... and thinking I really need to go do at least a short walk tonight.  I mean, I DID get into a pair of pants this morning that I only remember being too tight since they were purchased.  Yes, definitely need to go walk.  I think tomorrow morning it's time to hit the grocery store and buy some lettuce to repent for the evening.

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