Thursday, September 08, 2011

It was a bit warmer and the rain stopped for a little while (although it's back once again).  I guess we're pretty lucky compared to the folks an hour and a half to two hours east.

Earlier this week I had a hankering for wings and sent out the mass invite.  Tonight it was on at the Orchard.  I think there was more people there than we ever had on our regular wing nights.  You see, back in the day our crew headed out on Thursday nights for wings and/or quarter beers etc at Dougherty's.  Eventually we started also hitting the Orchard.  With Dougherty's being a distant memory in this town, the Orchard it was.  I've got to say though, if I come a half an hour ahead of the 10-15 people I was expecting, you really should do a better job of trying to make space for us.  Further, making me wait until darn near 20 after 7 to order a drink, much less my food - not cool.  So, I think they disappointed one person who had never been there before and had a small crew leave without ordering thanks to the delays and seating discomforts.

Regardless, I'm home after eating stuff I really shouldn't be... and I am so not walking tonight.  I think it's time for early to bed, another sign of the swiftly approaching fall/winter... I just want to sleep.

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